Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"These boot are made for walkin' "

Hey everyone. I bought these boots for myself....Interesting story...I was furniture shopping and an employee had on thes boots...I was in LOVe...with the boots...Too aftraid to ask where she had gotten them..I was evasive and said oh wow great boots...They look European...She replied "No, they are from here". I Immediately went home and search the internet for these boots with out the slightest idea who designed them. I search Sacks...Neiman Marcus AKA Needless Mark up...Bergdorf goodman. Finally after 15 mins I found the boot. I rushed to the local LA store and they did not have them..
and that these boots had all been sent ot the outlet store..Persisten, I called one other LA location and they had the boot in MY size...I purchased them immediately. A week later my mom says oh those boots you bought for full price are now half off...GRRRR C'est la vie. I love the boot. Can you guess who they are by???

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Uber-Stylist to the stars Johnny W. from Chicago

You are looking at the most talented hairstylist since Vidal Sassoon. His name is Johnny W. and happens to be my hairstylist. He did First Lady Michelle Obama's hair for the DNC and for her Vogue magazine cover shoot. He is a master at cutting and styling tresses of all races!! He has inked a deal for a reality show. Please wish this talented young man luck in all of his endeavors. He is also a very sweet person and a great singer!

Monday, March 16, 2009

My birthday present to myself.....a big splurge!!!!

Actual Car!

Virtual Car......
My old car broke down on the 5 freeway...I had to get a new one....What's a girl to do? This is my reward for all of my pain and suffering right!?

Chapeau du Jour

This is one of my favorite hats in my collection. I have three of these from different eras. This is an original navy hat from France....Marine Nationale. You will see a hat like this in one of my fave movies La Vie en Rose. It is worn by Marion Cotillard as Edith Piaf during a New Year's Eve dinner scene.

Musee du Moyen Age, Paris favorite museum in all of Paris Musee du Moyen Age (Museum of the Middle Ages) I could spend half of my journee there. % days before my beloved grandfather Neal H. died, I visited there. It is filled with church ornaments and tapestries. Located in the Quartier Latin, very close to La Sorbonne, it is a must see when visiting my old haunt the St. Michel area.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Favorite jewelry designer

Shelly litvak is awesome and her creations are my favorite. Here are a few of her one of a kind pieces. I have one too as well as a gorgeous warm brown colored purse of hers. They are made with soft elk leather. Enjoy!

Condo hunting in LA

Today I went shopping for condos in LA! Yes LA proper..that's the actual city! I found one or two models in a particular building that I absolutely love. I am saving money in order to purchase one. Please wish me luck! Also wish me luck in selling my other home. Featured are some fun items to put inside said new condo